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Welcome to the new website of the Diocese of Leeds, England.

Bishop David Konstant was one of the first Bishops in England and Wales to set up a Diocesan website and, in doing so, he placed the Diocese of Leeds firmly in the age of electronic communications.

Our new website has been completely redesigned and rebuilt to keep up with the rapid developments in these areas and was inaugurated by Bishop Arthur Roche on 10th. September 2004.

             Lectio Divina

It provides accurate and up to date information in a way which is easy to find; useful links to the parishes and schools of the diocese and a front page facility to report significant moments and advertise forthcoming features.

The audio facility will enable users of the website to experience first hand many of these significant moments.

What you find here is the first phase of a developing site which will grow and evolve as time passes by. During the next phase of development diocesan departments and agencies will be developing their sections.

We hope you find our website informative, useful and worthy of a regular visit. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome through the “Contact” facility.

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